Our Process

Whether you need a book proposal or a completed manuscript, we help you attain your objectives with a comprehensive plan and a creative and relaxed process.


1. Initial editorial planning meeting

  • Establish goals
  • Structure book for target audience
  • Determine publishing needs
  • Establish outline for scope of book
  • Generate preliminary title and table of contents


2. Interview & Consultation

  • Conduct a recorded interview directed by the table of contents
  • Assist client in creation of publishing company
  • Aid in securing ISBN and LCCN codes necessary for publication


3. First Draft

  • Copy of transcript to client for approval


4. Final Draft with edits

  • Deliver draft with client edits for approval
  • Provide a critical review and consultation


5. Edit

  • Professional editing for flow, clarity, syntax, and sentence structure


6. Final draft

  • Proofreading to correct typos, punctuation, and grammatical errors


7. Cover design process

  • Graphic design of cover


8. Page layout

  • Format pages
  • Create print ready file
  • Deliver completed project


9. Print

  • Assist client in choosing best option for printing or publishing needs


10. Additional Services Available

  • Professional scanning of photographs
  • Creation of charts, graphs and graphic art

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