Our Clients

Our clients are celebrities, business executives, entrepreneurs, new authors and community and family leaders.  They share a common dilemma – all have a great story to tell, but they need help to create an engaging and well-written book.


If you have a story to tell, here’s how we can help.



  • You and your message will stand out from the competition by offering a professionally written book with your name on the cover.
  • People respond differently to a book than any other marketing message. It signifies that you have something important to say and creates instant credibility as an authority on the topic. It is the most compelling tool to communicate your message to clients.
  • People today want information in bite-sized doses. Your message needs to pop off the pages in order to leave a lasting impression on your clients. We can help you identify, glean and assemble the central, essential and pivotal concepts of your business plan and create the book that will get your point across in the most impactful way.
  • With more than 50 years of combined experience in business development, we have the unique skills and perspective, to guide you in establishing your goals for growing your business in your desired market.



  • You’ve lived a life that most people can only imagine. From musicians to actors and sports heroes to politicians, celebrity books are in big demand.
  • You have hundreds of inside stories to share about your experiences.
  • Whether an autobiography or photo diary, you can take fans on a journey into the excitement and challenges of your storied career.
  • Our experience with dozens of celebrity books gives us the understanding and perspective to help you create a book that will celebrate your life.



  • Imagine what you would give to have your parent's, grandparent’s or great-grandparent’s life history in a beautiful, hard-bound coffee table book, with full-page photographs, along with a digital copy of the audio recording of their story.
  • It would be a priceless memoir, an instant family heirloom and a treasured family chronicle. We can help you give that priceless gift to your family by preserving your history with Open Book.
  • Whether you want to preserve and memorialize your personal family history or family business, our professional team will help you create an enduring keepsake.


  • At Open Book, we have access to top publishing companies, agents and editors.
  • We can help you determine the publishing option best suited to your needs, and act as agents to help open doors for you to pursue traditional publishing options.


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